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Our approach

Our aim is to maximise your chances of securing funding.


To do this we have a defined process which we have found to be very successful:

  • Firstly we will meet with you to discuss your project.  If you have already prepared financial projections and a business plan then these will be reviewed prior to meeting so that the meeting can be as productive as possible.  At this meeting we can advise you on the potential for funding and your chances of success.  Your initial thoughts on how the project will be funded may change once we have had a chance to discuss how best to present your case.
  • We will work with you to prepare robust draft financial forecasts.  We will prepare these from information you provide.  We will act as devils advocate, challenging your assumptions to ensure that any issues are addressed prior to finalising the forecasts.
  • Once the draft forecasts have been completed, we will consider whether you qualify for funding support under the Economic Action Plan and may pursue this on your behalf - liaising with the relevant individuals within the Welsh Government.
  • Assuming that we can put together a viable outline funding package, we will assist you to prepare a Business Plan that clearly sets out your project and future business plans and what you are trying to achieve.  This will be tailored to the Welsh Government's needs to ensure that the subsequent application goes as smoothly as possible.
  • We will submit the completed Business Plan to the Welsh Government.  At this point there may be certain queries that we need to address or further clarification required.  However, the aim is for  application forms to be issued.
  • We will complete the application forms for you from information contained in the Business Plan.  Once every thing is submitted we will liaise with the Welsh Government on your behalf to secure an offer of funding.

We will drive the process from start to finish, managing each step to ensure that the impact on your time and resources is minimised.


Post grant award


When the grant has been awarded our service does not end there.  It is all well and good having an award - it is another thing ensuring that you continue to meet the criteria for drawing down the cash.  For many years we were also involved in the auditing of claims for grant support.  We utilise this experience on your behalf - 'holding your hand' from award through to claim.


We remain in contact throughout the monitoring period, acting as a sounding board to ensure that you continue to receive the best advice and to ensure that you do not make any errors that would jeopardise your claim.  We then help you compile your claim to ensure that the audit passes as smoothly as possible.  We will even introduce you to a respected firm of Chartered Accountants based in Wales who will be able to undertake the audit quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, on a cost effective basis.


To further underline this commitment to you, part of our fee is dependent upon you receiving the cash from the Welsh Government - we only get paid this when you do!


If we sound like the type of adviser you'd like in your corner, please give us a call on 01656 750808.

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